LeadBuzz is a platform that helps you handle multiple business activities productively. It is created to help you sell, manage, analyse, and collaborate better with customers and employees. Our easy to use features assure that you create, update and store data to help you nurture lasting relations with your customers and experience an overall boost in business efficiency.

Lead Attribution Model

A customer may interact with various ads from the same advertiser. Attribution models enable you to determine how much credit an individual click receives for conversions. LeadBuzz has 4 attribution models to choose from - Last Click, First Click, Linear, and Time Decay.

Integration With Other Platforms

You may have multiple enquiry forms across various platforms. LeadBuzz allows you to integrate all your enquiry forms so that you have all the data you need in one place. This feature is designed to make tracking your leads easier for you and your sales team.

Why LeadBuzz

Timeline - Journey of the lead

Leadbuzz lets you track the entire journey of your lead and get insights on all the touch points for any leads.

Lead Management APIs

LeadBuzz has a full-fledged API for creating/updating lead and all UTM parameters

Fully Customizable

Leadbuzz allows you to customize tags, status, forms and templates based on your business needs.


White Labelled lead information with zero lead leakage

Lead Distribution

LeadBuzz is designed to let you distribute your leads in a dynamic manner

Reports and Analytics

Reports aligned to the business needs

Stories from our valuable customers

LeadBuzz has solved over 90+ businesse’s leads managment. Learn how these businesses have improved their leads management.

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